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Matthew Williams - Thursday 6 June 2024 13:15

Are you interested in a sms/whatsapp bot that can reactive all your old leads within minutes, warm them up, and either close the sale or book an appointment using the best practices for sales?

It’s free of cost to get started. You only pay when you book an appointment or close a sale a fixed amount or fixed commission.

This way you can re-engage all of your old leads by sms/whatsapp with a bot trained on your sales data, product data, and knowledge base in minutes without having to contact them manually or design a campaign to re-engage them by email, sms, etc. The bot does it all for you.

Does that sound like something you’re interested in?

If you are click the link below to book an appointment to learn more.



Matthew Williams

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Matthew Williams - Sunday 16 June 2024 04:35
Hi there,

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Best regards,

Matthew Williams
President, AgencyFuse

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